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What is SEO?

In your professional endeavors on the World Wide Web, you’ve probably heard of SEO—or search-engine optimization—but maybe your understanding is still a little blurry or you’re wondering why it’s so important and how it works. Search-engine optimization is a topic in online marketing that involves several methods and processes whose ultimate goal is to eventually culminate in a higher ranking on organic search results. These search engines use over 200 factors to determine your website’s search rank, and our team hones in on these individual factors and applies our SEO knowledge to improve your rank.

Why do I need this for my business?

Even with a great website and excellent content, your business cannot launch off the ground until you can generate traffic. People find websites by using search-engines, but how do these search-engines get their results?

The first thing that comes to mind when you try to think in the mind of a search-engine is “keywords.” However, despite what you may think, keywords are only one part of search-engine optimization. Although they may get you on the list of results, the purpose of SEO is to aim for higher rankings within those results, which will require much more time and effort than emphasizing a select few words. This is because search-engines have become more advanced and intelligent and want more than just the right words. They like websites with genuine content, social connections, quality links, and a strong reputation, among other things, and rate them using complicated algorithms. This is where IT-NT comes in—we use our knowledge and experience to boost your website’s rating, and subsequently, its search rank. This improves the visibility of your website, attracting more traffic and commerce.

So keywords aren’t important?

Keywords: The Foundation of your Business

Although it may not be as significant to search results as you had believed, keywords still play an important role in launching your online marketing. It is the first step of the SEO process, as it will determine the focus point of the entire process as a whole. But just brainstorming words off the top of your head doesn’t give this topic as much time as it deserves. Generating the correct keywords involves understanding the linguistics of search engines and the psychology of the people using these search engines as well. But no need to fret—as experts of SEO, we’ve already got this down to a science.

After keywords, then what?

After the focal point of both your website and your SEO process is determined, the next step is to create a search-engine optimized website that incorporates these keywords and satisfies your target audience. Here at IT-NT, we have our experienced design team ready to fit both your needs, your customer’s needs, and search-engine needs all at once.

Website Structure: The Backbone of your Website

Before you get too far ahead of yourself, it is vital to make sure your website’s basic structures—hosting, design, menus, navigation, basic information—is all user- and search-engine friendly. First appearances still apply to the online world: you must look authoritative and sound friendly, and the design of your website will be the first thing people judge. If your website appears unprofessional or displeasing, you may lose the trust and respect of your visitors, and consequently the search engines. Furthermore, if the navigation is messy and confusing, your potential customers may become frustrated and decide to find another website for their needs.

Content Generation: The Body of your Website

As with any respectable website, genuine content is an important element. But it can also help search-engine results as well—that is, if you hit the right notes that search-engines are tuned in to. Content should be search-engine friendly, but should not sacrifice any quality to the writing. Target keywords and useful information must be weaved together seamlessly to create content that appeals to both your human audience and the search-engine algorithms. Your pages also need more than just optimized content. They need to be created with certain elements that will further improve the search results for your website, such as meta tags and header tags.

So it seems like my website is done. Is that all?

Not all of SEO processes take place on your website. A lot of it will take place off of it as well, such as building links and social connections.

Link Building: The Building Blocks of SEO

A heavily significant portion of SEO is link building—getting your website linked to by other websites. But alas, not all websites are equal (as you have probably realized by now). Being promoted by older, reputable websites will boost your ranking more than by newer, low-quality websites. Link building can boost your website’s ratings quickly and efficiently—as long as you don’t try to manipulate the search engines by overusing this method of the SEO process. Spamming your link on message boards, guest books, and other similar structures won’t only get you next to nil on the ranking scale, but it might get your website temporarily, or even permanently, banned from major search-engine websites. But rest assured, as IT-NT knows how to use legal, qualified methods of improving your search rank without having to resort to desperate measures like that.

Social Networking: The Future of Communication

Over the past decade, social networking has become faster and easier for people by using the internet as their medium. But these social websites and online communities can serve as more than just a place where friends get together—they are excellent potential routes to extend your business. Not only is it a great idea to take your business to the customers instead of waiting for the customers to come to you, but establishing yourself as an respected expert in the community will also help your search-engine ranking.

I understand (I think).

It’s okay if you don’t quite understand the process yet. We have people standing by to help you with any inquiries or concerns and are happy to help explain what it is that we do for you and your business. But hopefully by now, you have a grasp on what SEO is and why it is important to you.



Our SEO services include:


Competitive Analysis

  • Keyword Research

  • Keyword Optimization

  • Analyzing Competition

  • Web Marketing Analysis

  • Comparison Ranking

  • Google Analytics

  • Webmaster Reporting

  • Progressive Reports

  • Log Keeping

On Page Optimization

  • Title Page

  • Meta Description

  • Meta Keywords

  • Web Content Optimization

  • Hyper Text Optimization

  • Image Tab Optimization

  • Internal Link Optimization

  • H1-H2 Optimization

  • Robot.text Validation

  • W3C Validation

  • Site Map Design

Off Page Optimization

  • Search Engine Submission

  • Link Building

  • Local Search Optimization

  • Blog Creation

  • Article Submission

  • Press Release

  • Social Bookmarking

  • Video Submission

  • PPT Submission

  • RSS Feeds Submission

  • Directory Submission

Social Media Content

  • Blog Writing

  • Article Writing

  • Press Release

  • Video Creation

  • Power Point Presentation

  • Twitter Postings

  • Facebook Postings

  • Sweepstake Creation

  • Increasing Followers

SEO Troubleshooting

  • Double Content

  • Hidden Text

  • Broken Links

  • Duplicate Pages

  • Mirror Pages

  • 301 Redirect

  • 404 Page Creation

  • Third Party Link Problems

  • Black Hat Prevention

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