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What is SEM?

Assuming you’ve already skimmed our page about SEO, you may be wondering how SEM—or search-engine marketing—differs. So let’s make this easy for you: SEO focuses on the “organic”—or free—search results provided by search engines, while SEM concentrates on any kind of online paid marketing involving search engine functions. Despite this difference, they still share a lot of similarities, including keyword analysis and relative ranking. Yes, that’s right—even the paid advertisements are ranked by search engines in order to return the most reliable and relevant results first. So you can see why SEM involves more than just cutting a portion of your budget off.

But since our SEO page covers ranking optimization pretty well, we can just dive into the SEM terminology here. The most common, and effective, types of paid advertisements are search network ads and display network ads.

What is Search Network Advertising?

Search network advertisements are something you probably see whenever you enter a query into a search engine. They are ads that people pay that particular search engine to display independently from their organic search results. For example, Google’s “Sponsored Links” boxes that appear at the top and side of their result pages. Like mentioned above, the appearance and order of these listings is determined in a similar manner to organic results. This means using ideal keywords and having a positive reputation is still important, among other things.

What is Display Network Advertising?

Display networks are advertisement listings displayed off of search engine pages, and instead on websites who use advertisements on their pages. The ads can be visual, like an image or flash animation, or simply textual.  Display advertisers often use keywords on the current web page, or the visitor’s cookie and browser history, to determine the most appropriate ads to display. It is also possible to choose individual websites, or even specific pages, to place your advertisements.

Through the right methods, this can tap into an entirely new target audience that might not have made it to your site through their own means. But this requires advanced understanding of display network algorithms, behavioral targeting, and of course, successful advertising. Luckily for you, these would be a few of IT-NT’s specialties.

What are the SEM Pricing Models?

Most often, you will be provided with the choice between pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) campaigns. PPC is most common for search network ads—simply put, you pay for each time a user clicks on your ad. CPM, on the other hand, is usually used for display networks and gives you a cost on how many times your ad is actually generated on a person’s computer.

Which is the best method?

This will vary from business to business. Our approach to your personal SEM process involves several variables, such as your target audience, current traffic and conversion rates, your advertising goals, and your cost-per-acquisition (CPA) budget. IT-NT dedicates itself to researching and developing the right advertising methods to make your business thrive.



Our PPC services include:


Keyword Research

  • Initial Consultation

  • Business Study

  • Highly Relevant Keywords

  • Targeted Keywords

  • Broad Keywords

  • Phrased Keywords

  • Exact Keywords

  • Keywords with Higher Revenue vs. Volume

  • Confirm Trade Marks

Competitive Analysis

  • Analysis Competitors

  • Competition Goals

  • Competition Budgeting

  • Competition Positioning

  • Competition Networks

  • Competition Geo-targeting

  • Competition Keywords

  • Competition Search Ad

  • Competition Banners

Search Advertisements

  • Quality Ad Creation

  • Relevant Ad Text Generation

  • Keyword Orientation

  • Text Policy Compliance

  • Major Search Engines

  • Landing Page Analysis

Banner Advertisements

  • Brand Visibility

  • Image Advertisement Design

  • Animated Advertisement Design

  • Verification of Related Networks

  • Targeted Ad Placement

  • Keyword Relation Study

  • CPC or CPA Methods

Ongoing Optimization

  • A/B Testing

  • Bid Management

  • Alternative Ad Testing

  • Keyword Optimization

  • Negative Keyword Analysis

  • Rank Analysis

  • Q5 Improvements

  • Geo-Analysis

  • Increase in CTR & ROI

  • Recurring Reports


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