i-Showcase is a Remote Content Management System that distributes your contents amongst participating websites in a controlled and consistent manner.

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i-Showcase is a centralized data distribution and data access control system that distributes available content among all participating websites, uniformly and consistently.

The company who wants to distribute their content is called the content provider. The chosen recipients of this content are appropriately called the content recipients. i-Showcase retrieves information from either the content provider or its own server (which the content provider can remotely create their content on) and feeds it to the recipientsí websites in real time, instantly producing quality landing pages on every website.



i-Showcase communicates with the content provider and the participating websites using specially-developed protocols called i-Showcase Data Acquisition Protocol (IDAP) and i-Showcase Communication Protocol (ICP).


i-Showcase Landing Pages:

The content distributed by the i-Showcase server will be displayed on participating websites through landing pages that are designed and customized based on the content providerís signature look. The design of these templates can be changed at any time. These pages only have access to a specific remote access area in order to respect the structure of the content recipientís website.


i-Showcase Data Acquisition Protocol (IDAP):

IDAP is the interface between i-Showcase and the content provider's server. IDAP will be modified based on data server requirements for each client to ensure complete and proper function.


i-Showcase Communication Protocol (ICP):

ICP is the communication protocol between i-Showcase central servers and recipient websites. ICP is installed on each participating website and is responsible for creating and displaying each recipient's content and pages.


For more information about the other components you see in the flow charts above, such as IRCP and IRBS, please see our i-Showcase features page.


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