i-Showcase is a Remote Content Management System that distributes your contents amongst participating websites in a controlled and consistent manner.

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i-Showcase e-Catalog Pages:

i-Showcase automatically generates user-friendly category and item pages that conveniently display information however the content provider has chosen to customize it. As with the landing pages, these e-catalog pages are restricted to the remote access area of each recipient website, allowing them to maintain their relationship with the consumer. 


i-Showcase Remote Control Panel (IRCP):

The IRCP is where the content provider manages all products and pages listed on each participating website remotely. And the best part is that it requires no programming skills to use. IRCP enables the content provider to:

Ability to create and remotely manage content on other websites

Custom fill-in-the-black forms to create pages

Auto linking and item page generator

Ability to create and manage home page, news, press and/or any other informational pages

Ability to upload movies, pictures, files, and many more

Ability to apply changes to individual, a group of, or all participating websites

Create and manage content recipient access permissions

Define access to product categories and subcategories for individual, a group of, or all participating websites

Set up i-Showcase configurations

 Furthermore, each content recipient gets limited access to IRCP in order to further control and manage the products displayed on their particular website. IRCP enables the content recipients to:

Setup preferences

Override MSRPs

Enable/disable categories, subcategories, and products of their choice

Enable either shopping cart or quote cart system, depending on options preset by the content provider


  i-Showcase Retailer Back Store (IRBS):

IRBS is a complete back store order processing module that is installed on participating websites with the follow features:

  Order processing manager

Invoicing manager

Shipping manager

System generated email settings (for shipping and order status)

Policy editor

Contact editor

Social Media manager


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