i-Showcase is a Remote Content Management System that distributes your contents amongst participating websites in a controlled and consistent manner.

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As the Internet continues to grow in popularity and exposure, so do the companies that learn how to harness its power to reach people across the globe. It is no surprise when you consider why the Internet and its innumerable services have become so widespread: they are provided instantly and conveniently, two qualities that every person could possibly want. For any company—big or small, established or brand new—there is no need to explain why they should provide their business online, but rather how to do it effectively and affordably.

Let’s take three parties: a watch company, a jewelry distributor, and an authorized retailer for both of the aforementioned businesses.


The watch company creates state-of-the-art watches. As a manufacturer, they have three important goals in mind: The jewelry distributor buys luxury gold jewelry from several manufacturers and sells it to hundreds of retailers. Their goals are to: The authorized dealer provides the genuine watches and jewelry for customers. Their two primary goals are to:

Increase brand awareness and exposure:

i-Showcase provides people around the world with greater and easier access to a brand and its products. However, manufacturers have control over which and how many retailers have access to i-Showcase servers, and therefore can prevent over exposure.

Create and maintain a unified image:

With i-Showcase, manufacturers can design and display their own landing pages for each selected retailer website, creating a solid image across the Internet.

Control products:

Because i-Showcase is so flexible, manufacturers can decide which products or collections to display on which websites. This makes it easier to introduce new lines and phase out discontinued products.


Increase retailer exposure:

i-Showcase allows retailers to tap into the potential of Internet marketing by enabling them to affordably extend their business online, and by automatically generating search engine optimized web pages for their website.

 Manage and distribute content efficiently:

i-Showcase allows the content provider to create, edit, or delete content instantly and remotely, guaranteeing that the information customers are reading on recipient websites are accurate and up-to-date.


Increase sales:

Because i-Showcase increases exposure by employing search engine-approved methods and would also establish the retailer’s website as an authorized source of information, consumers will be encouraged to use their services.

Minimize costs:

By using the provided content already reviewed for quality and accuracy, retailers can eliminate the cost of data management and quality control for that brand’s products.



As you can see, both content provider and content recipient benefit in different, but mutual, ways. Although this example may not specifically apply to you and your business, i-Showcase is a customizable system that can be used for anyone who wants to distribute content to multiple websites remotely and instantly.


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