i-Showcase: a Remote Content Management System (RCMS)


i-Showcase is a Remote Content Management System that distributes your contents amongst participating websites in a controlled and consistent manner.

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i-SHOWCASE: A True Remote CMS, Bringing Manufacturer, Retailer and Consumer Together!


In 3 stages, i-Showcase enables you to create and distribute your customized content pages amongst other websites in a smarter and easier way:


Content Creation:

The first step is to create quality-controlled content. This content can be made available through your own data server or may be created on ours using i-Showcase's remote control panel (IRCP). i-Showcase's IRCP provides all standard CMS features to help create and customize your content.

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After you create a source of reliable, accurate, and consistent content, i-Showcase will distribute it amongst participating websites using i-Showcase Communication Protocol (ICP).


Remote Management:

i-Showcase is a Remote Content Management System (RCMS), and therefore, it enables you to manage your content remotely on each and every participating websites in real time.

Applications of i-Showcase:

With endless possibilities, i-Showcase is designed and developed to support any industrial need of web content creation, distribution, and ultimately remote management amongst other websites without compromising the web quality. This means the displayed content on other websites can be search engine friendly and easily navigable. They could be e-commerce pages or can be customized info catalogs, news pages, or more. i-Showcase’s unique centralized control panel offers multiple tools to remotely control the distributed content on participating websites.

Let our knowledgeable i-Showcase team show you how i-Showcase as a Remote Content Management System can ease your content creation and distribution. Please contact us at 1-888-343-9906 to discuss your needs, learn more about our services and solutions, and see how we can help your business.

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