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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is, obviously, marketing through email; however, it is not strictly about making a direct sale or advertising products—email marketing is also a great tool for establishing and maintaining a connection to your clients. Although email marketing can be extremely beneficial, it can also be terribly detrimental when used poorly. You may end up in everyone’s spam box and lose your subscribers, let alone your reputation. It is important to know several different types of email marketing campaigns and how to use them appropriately. Some of the popular kinds, which we define below, include quick announcement, catalog, newsletter and press release.

When do I use a quick announcement?

A quick announcement email, also known as a “postcard email,” is a type of email marketing that sends a brief, simple message that should take only a few seconds for the reader to skim. They usually announce a sale or promotion, or introduce a new product, and contain a call-to-action for the recipient. This type of marketing is most effective when people are already familiar with your business and don’t require more information in the body of your email.

What is a catalog email?

Imagine a printed catalog with lists of products for customers to shop through. Catalog emails send a compact, electronic version of this straight to peoples’ inboxes. There are many great ideas for the topic of your catalog—new product lines, employee’s favorites, customer’s favorites, special products with a limited time offer, etc. Your catalogs should not be so large that they cause an inconvenience to browse through, but contain enough products to appeal to the majority of your clientele. These types of marketing emails are great for displaying products sold by your company, but they can also be used alternatively to spread brand awareness.

Why a newsletter email?

Newsletter emails are helpful for building relationships with your clients and raising a reputation amongst the community. They should provide both informational content and entertainment for your readers. While you should keep on topic with your products or services, newsletter emails should not be treated like advertising. Instead, they should contain articles somehow related to your business. For example, one of IT-NT’s newsletter emails might contain recent news about Google, an informative article about SEO, and some basic web design tips. When done right, they represent your company as an expert in the field and make your customers feel connected.

How do I send press release emails?

Press release emails are a great way to attract media attention, and work best if you have the appropriate media people on your mailing list. However, make sure you have already gained permission from potential media contacts prior to adding them to your list, or you risk becoming an annoyance to them and labeled as a spammer. It is good to first identify reporters or editors who might be interested in news about your company, and then approach them about your query.

How do I choose the right one for my business?

Each business is unique, as are their ideal marketing plans. Our marketing team at IT-NT can help determine the right strategy for your company, create interactive email campaigns, and distribute them to your mailing list contacts quickly and efficiently.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding email marketing or any of our other products or services, do not hesitate to contact us over the phone or online.



Our Email Marketing services include:


Graphic Design

  • Creative Ideas

  • Artistic Images

  • Professional Designs

  • Unified Color for Branding

Content Creation

  • Announcements

  • Catalogs

  • Newsletters

  • Press Releases

Email List

  • 1000 Plan

  • 2000 Plan

  • 3000 plan

  • 4000 plan

  • 5000 plan

  • 10000 plan

  • 50000 plan

  • 100000 plan

Email Marketing Analysis

  • Spam Rate

  • Openings

  • Successful Clicks

  • Conversion Rate

Email Optimization

  • Image Optimization

  • Content Optimization

  • Message Optimization]

  • Trial & Error Analysis


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