Time Clocks

  • Track employee attendance accurately

  • Prevent mistakes in payrolls

  • Eliminate buddy punching

  • Manage employee profiles

  • Manage employee scheduling



Depending on the number of employees in each department, you may choose one of the following 2 systems:


A verification system authenticates a person's identity by comparing the captured biometric characteristics with her previously captured biometric reference template pre-stored in the system. It conducts one-to-one comparison to confirm whether the claim of identity by the individual is true.


An identification system recognizes an individual by searching the entire enrollment template database for a match. It conducts one-to-many comparisons to establish if the individual is present in the database.

Benefiting Industries

  • Health Care

  • Financial

  • Hospitality (e.g., hotels)

  • Retail

  • Education

  • Manufacturing

  • Travel and transport

  • Federal, state, municipal, or other governments

  • Military and defense

  • Law enforcement


Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint recognition time clocks verify a match between two fingerprint images or templates.

Face Recognition

Face recognition time clocks automatically identify or verify a person from a digital image which makes it suitable for many industries.  

Future Developments

IT-NT's research and development team is constantly working on improving the fingerprint and face recognition algorithms and will consolidate the successful results with current systems. 


Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition, Section 1.3

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