Application Development

At IT-NT, we help identify your business necessities, write technical and functional specifications, design, develop, test, and integrate software applications across multiple platforms as your business requires.

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Client-Server Applications

The structure of client server applications is to distribute tasks or workload between provider of the service (server) and the requester (client). Servers share their resources with clients. Clients always initiate communication sessions with servers. Servers always await incoming requests.  


Internet Applications

Internet applications, or alternatively web applications, are one type of client-server model and are those that are accessed over a network, like internet or intranet, by browsers. The advantages of Internet applications include the ability to access, update, and maintain the application without the need of distributing and installing the software on all client computers, as well as the support for multi-platform compatibility.

IT-NT takes the following two methodologies to design and develop robust, scalable, and extensible applications

  • Full life-cycle methodology, which includes the entire time during which an organization is spending money on an application or using it, from the initial idea to the end of the application's life. The full life-cycle of a software starts with idea, then deployment, and finally its end of life.

  • Cooperative methodology, in which we work directly with you or your IT team to analyze, develop, implement, test, and integrate your desired applications.  

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